A Summer of Adventure, Laughter, and Lifelong Memories

August 28, 2023

Kids to Camp Image 1As the sun sets on the final week of summer holidays, the air is still filled with the contagious laughter of children. These joyful echoes reverberate with the vibrant memories they've crafted over the past few months - from splashing in pools, scoring goals in soccer, dancing with abandon, to the captivating allure of summer camps.

Thanks to the unwavering support of a caring community of dedicated donors, we were able to fund 841 summertime activities. This included sending close to 400 young adventurers to summer camp where they embarked on a journey that sparked new friendships, self-discovery, and boundless fun, leaving an indelible mark on their lives.

A few of our staff were fortunate to spend an afternoon at a local camp, playing games and doing crafts with the kiddos. This slideshow provides a brief glimpse into some of the fun of summer camp! 

Kids to Camp Image 2

For many, this summer may have been their first taste of outdoor adventure, offering a chance to break away from screens and embrace the beauty of the natural world. And for numerous children facing the challenges of living in poverty, the experience of attending camp becomes a treasured escape, often their closest encounter with the joy of a summer vacation, as travel may be beyond the reach of their family.Kids to Camp Image 3

During the sun-soaked days, kids formed bonds that blossomed into friendships that will extend beyond the warm embrace of summer. They cheered each other on during friendly competitions, lent helping hands to conquer challenges together, and shared giggles and stories that kids being kids truly enjoy. These connections wove a tapestry of belonging, forever reminding them of the comfort of a close-knit community.

As we reflect on the countless smiles of this summer, we are deeply grateful to our cherished donors who have made it all possible whether they have donated during our spring Kids to Camp fundraising campaign or throughout the year. Their generosity has paved the way for young minds to flourish, gifting them with opportunities that will forever shape their lives.

While this summer of adventure, laughter, and growth draws to a close, the memories and lessons learned will last for years to come.

Osprey Valley

Thank you to TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley for their generosity as our Matching Sponsor for the Kids to Camp campaign!