A Recipe For Love

January 21, 2019

Boy Cook 

For one youth who was referred to the Adopt-A-Family program, one “wish” on his list really stood out. In addition to needing things like a new winter coat and boots, bed sheets and towels, Tyler*, a 17-year old independent youth, really wanted family favourite recipes to cook his own meals. The teacher who referred Tyler described him as a wonderful student, very academic, and working hard to achieve his goals in life. He didn’t even feel he should ask for help but his teacher knew that he could really use and deserved a boost of support for the holidays.

Living independently without parental support is a tremendous challenge for a young person at any time of the year, but it can be especially painful during the holidays, a season typically marked by spending time with family. This request for family recipes stopped us in our tracks, as it was indicative of a bigger need for nourishment and family connection. That’s where Tyler’s ‘adoptive’ donor comes in.

We were really hoping the donor would fulfill this special request and send a recipe book to Tyler and no surprise, they came through for him. In addition to a standard cookbook, the donor also put together a duo-tang collection of their favourite family recipes and wrote “Tyler’s Family Recipes” on the cover.

In response to their support, Tyler sent the following thank-you note to his donor:

“Thank you so much for the amazing gifts that you have given me. They have made me feel so loved and have made this Christmas really special. Life can be really hard sometimes but knowing that such kind and loving people like you guys exist, it makes it a lot easier. I am just so thankful for you. I’ll never forget the kindness and love that you have brought me.”

Adopt-A-Family connects donors with families and youth in so many meaningful ways that go beyond the gifts and grocery cards. We can imagine that for many years to come, Tyler will be preparing himself hearty and healthy meals using these family recipes, and feeling the love and connection with the donor who gifted him with a piece of their own family.

 *Name changed for privacy.


DID YOU KNOW? In 2018, donors to the Adopt-A-Family program helped 1,175 families which included 2,527 children and youth.