2019 Around The World Gala Volunteers

October 31, 2019


Gala Vols

The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington relies upon our volunteers to carry out the important work we do, to interact with our donors and help facilitate our events. Our volunteers are committed to our cause and represent our organization, in the most profound way. 

The volunteers who take part in the preparation and facilitation of the Around The World Gala get excited about this event and therefore our donors do as well. Dedication and enthusiasm from both of these groups have been the key to the success of our Gala.  

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We want to take a moment to shine the spotlight on The Around the World Gala Volunteers. Whether they were a Lead Volunteer, worked behind the scenes on finances and data entry, helped collect silent auction prizes in advance, or sold Golden Tickets on the night of…No matter the role, these volunteers have made our Gala Great!  Over the last 10 years, our volunteers have not only committed to helping the most vulnerable children through their involvement with the Children’s Foundation, they have also become our ambassadors, our friends and part of our family here at CFGW.

There are hours of work and time that go into the planning of an event of this size and we simply could not do it without support from the Gala Volunteer Team.

Volunteers support the Gala in the following ways;

  • Gala Committee- Aids in planning all the intimate details and help with fundraising leading up to the event.
  • Office Volunteers- Prepare for the big night in advance.
  • Night of Volunteers- Actually show up and make the night happen.
  • We also have photographers, designers, construction specialists, and other professionals on hand to lend their skills and equipment.


All of these key people come together and put on this event that raised over $128,000 in one night. These fundraising dollars will make it possible for even more kids to learn, play and grow. How fortunate this community is to have amazing individuals who care enough to make this all happen.

Gala Volunteers, Please Take a Bow!