2017 Around the World Gala takes "A Walk Through Canada"

April 18, 2017

Gala 2017

The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington’s largest annual fundraiser, the Around the World Gala, is a spirited celebration and a call to action. Through the invaluable support of honoured corporate sponsors and dedicated, loyal donors, the event celebrates the Foundation’s vision that all children and youth have equal opportunity to learn, grow and participate in their community.

The Around the World Gala takes its annual theme inspiration from a different country or culture each year, celebrating the community that supports its children and youth through an aptly colourful, lively lens.This year, the Gala stays close to home to celebrate what makes Canada unique with “A Walk Through Canada” on October 14, 2017.

“Each year, the Gala Committee gets excited planning our next thematic excursion,” says Angela Crawford, Committee Chair. “This year, as we celebrate Canada’s anniversary, it seemed fitting to celebrate our own culture and what makes Canada so unique.”

The Children’s Foundation welcomes back Dan Burnham and The Co-operators Insurance as the proud Presenting Sponsor of Around the World 2017. Burnham and The Co-operators are loyal supporters of the Gala and encourage Guelph community partners and businesses to join them in casting a vote for the future of the community.

“When you invest in the children of the community, you invest in the community’s future,” says Burnham. “We are proud to once again be the Presenting Sponsor of this exciting event. The Children’s Foundation Gala, in addition to being a necessary fundraiser, is a fun and impactful event. Each year, you can feel the impact in the ballroom, and we’re thrilled to be able to help make that happen.”

The Around the World Gala raises vital funds to support the Children’s Foundation’s four programs. Last year, the demand on those programs was higher than ever before. With this rising demand, the Foundation works hard to make every dollar count and in 2016, through the support of donors and corporate sponsors like Burnham, the Children’s Foundation invested $1.94 million dollars in bettering the lives of over 20,000 local children living in low-income households. In December 2016, the Foundation was named one of 23 Top Children’s Charities Worth Your Money by Financial Post Magazine based on financial transparency, putting fundraised dollars to work quickly and  keeping overhead costs below 35%. It is only through corporate and donor support that the Children’s Foundation can continue having such an incredible impact on the lives of local children, and on the future of the community.