Terms & Conditions

In applying for funding for children's activities, the Parent/Guardian agrees and consents to the following:

1. That the individual agreeing to these Terms and Conditions is the legal representative of the child(ren) they are submitting an application on behalf of, and has the appropriate authority to sign a legally binding agreement on behalf of said child(ren).

2. That the information submitted to the Children’s Foundation is complete and accurate.

3. That the Children’s Foundation may contact the recipient organization to confirm or clarify fees.Depending on the nature of the activity, the Children’s Foundation may, in certain limited circumstances, be required to disclose the name of the child and/or other relevant personal information.

4. That providing information through an application for funding does not imply funding is approved. Until the Parent/ Guardian receives written confirmation that funding has been approved, the status of their application is under review.

5. Upon approval of funding, it is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to register their child(ren) in the activity approved.

6. That it is the Parent’s/Guardian’s responsibility to notify the Children’s Foundation in the event that their child(ren) does not register in the activity, stops attending the activity, or if the program is cancelled or the amount of registration changes. Failure to properly inform the Children’s Foundation of program cancellation or non-participation may negatively impact your child/children’s future applications.

7.That the Children’s Foundation is a source of funding only and cannot be held liable for the actions or omissions of the recipient organizations.

8.That all funding is at the sole and absolute discretion of the Children’s Foundation and funding allocations may be subject to change.

9. That as Parent/Guardian of the child(ren) they are submitting an application on behalf of, you assume all risk involved in the activity/program in which the child(ren) participated.

10. As the Community Partner for Jumpstart Canadian Tire, personal information provided in the application for funding may be shared with the Jumpstart Canadian Tire program for the purposes of submitting a funding request on the parent(s)' behalf.  In these cases, the Terms and Conditions of Jumpstart Canadian Tire would apply, which are viewable at: https://jumpstart.smartsimple.ca/files/407846/f108831/terms_condition_en.html

11. That Personal Information provided in the application for funding may be shared with funding or recreational partners for the purposes of determining a family’s eligibility for assistance with them, including Jumpstart, City of Guelph, YMCA of Guelph.

12. To receive operational communications via mail, email or telephone with regard to the application for funding or for information that may be relevant to me as a recipient of funding through the Children’s Foundation.