Information about the Children's Foundation Community Partnership with Jumpstart

The Children’s Foundation is the Community Partner for Jumpstart Canadian Tire in the Guelph and Centre Wellington area. Jumpstart is a national organization that funds kids to participate in sports and physical activities. As partners, we are able to work together to fund as many kids as possible. 

In the past, we have encouraged families to apply directly to us through the Free to Grow Program and then we would apply on their behalf for Jumpstart funding. This was to make it easier for families, so they would only have to apply in one spot. And it was easier for us too, as we could decide what to put through Jumpstart and what we would fund ourselves (or co-fund with Jumpstart).

Changes to Jumpstart

As of January 2020

Jumpstart changed how the Children's Foundation can apply on behalf of families due to changes with their privacy rules about sharing information with sports organizations. Now in order to disburse Jumpstart funds, we need families to either: 

  1. Apply directly to Jumpstart online (more information below about how to do that); or
  2. Sign a document saying they’ve read their Terms and Conditions, which we can keep on file at our office so we can apply on families' behalf.

Jumpstart logo1.  If applying directly to Jumpstart:

  • Go to this webpage to apply for funding for sports and physical activities:
  • Follow their application steps online.
  • Families who are already eligible through Free to Grow can request a letter from us verifying their income eligiblity to upload to their application. You can email to request this letter.
  • When a family applies online, we are still the people who will be processing their application for Jumpstart and will follow-up with the family if there are any questions.

 Children's Foundation Sunshine logo

2.  If Children’s Foundation is applying on your behalf: 

  • If you come into our office to apply for funding for sports activities, we will have you sign Page 6 from the Jumpstart Terms and Conditions that says you have read and agree to their Terms and Conditions, and then we can do the application on your behalf.
  • If it’s hard for you to come to our office in person, and if you are able to print and sign the last page (page 6) of Jumpstart’s Terms and Conditions and send it to us, then we could still do the application on your behalf. Click here for a copy of the Jumpstart Terms and Conditions, along with page 6 to sign and return.

 Note about funding maximums:

The maximum amount of funding available per child, per year is $400 whether funds are coming from the Children’s Foundation or from Jumpstart. While Jumpstart does say it can fund up to $600 per child, that guideline is for across Canada and they also state that “the maximum amount of funding may differ from Chapter to Chapter due to the varying budgets and demand.”  In the Guelph and Centre Wellington Jumpstart Chapters, the maximum is $400 per year, the same as Free to Grow, due to the high demand in this community.