Am I eligible for funding?

You would be eligible for funding if:

  • your child is 18 or younger when you apply
  • you live in Guelph or Wellington County
  • your family income is below the “low income cut-off”, which is also called the LICO

To see if your family income is below the low income cut-off, we look at your:

  • family size (how many people are in your family)
  • family income (how much money the adults in your home make)

Families with income (we look at Line 236 on your income tax) below the current Statistics Canada Low Before TAx Income Cut-Off (LICO) (see table below - 2020 LICO figures) can get full funding (up to $400 per child).

Family Size
Family Net Income (Line 236)
1 person (e.g. independent youth)
2 people (parent + 1 child)
3 people
4 people
5 people
6 people
7 people


Click HERE to see what documents you need to show us your family size and income.