6. What financial documents do I need to show?

You need:

  • Most current year’s Canada Child Benefit (CCB-OCB) Notice which shows:
    • Your marital status (e.g. single, divorced, or married)
    • The number of children in your family
    • Your family’s net income

This is the portion of the CCB Notice we look at:

Canada Child Benefit Notice Sample

I don’t have the CCB-OBC Notice. What can I use?

You can use:

  • The Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB) Notice (looks the same as the CCB-OCB)
  • The GST-HST Credit Notice (looks the same as the CCB-OCB)

Other alternatives:

  • A recent Ontario Works (OW) Statement that shows your name and monthly amounts:

OW Statement

  • A Statutory Declaration from Immigrant or Settlement Services
    • This option is only for refugees and immigrants

Note: The size of the document should be less than 5MB if you are uploading it on the computer or emailing it. If you are uploading, we ask you to black out your Social Insurance Number (SIN) number. For privacy reasons, we do not keep your personal documents on file.

Please contact us if you don’t have any of these documents at 519-826-9551 x 123 or email freetogrow@childrensfoundation.org.