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Food & Friends at Home

The Food & Friends at Home initiative has come to an end as of March 24th.

The Children’s Foundation is working towards continuing our support of the most vulnerable in our community despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are especially concerned about the children and youth who rely on our Food & Friends student nutrition programs. In response the Food & Friends at Home initiative was created.

The initiative was intended for parent(s) or guardian(s) with children and youth supported by the Children’s Foundation Food & Friends Programs to submit a request for a Food & Friends at Home kit. This kit provided one meal per child/youth, for each day of a two-week period similar to what would be provided through a Food & Friends student nutrition program. It was an interim measure, and we acknowledge recipients relied on the food support they received during the pandemic.

In-school student nutrition programming is the ideal setting for students to receive this nutrition, and as such, should be available and offered.

The Food & Friends team will continue to work hand in hand with staff and volunteers of the Food & Friends Programs to ensure available funds are being effectively and efficiently managed, while ensuring that students are receiving nutrition that fits within the guidelines.

Program coordinators and principals can reach out to the Food & Friends team for support and to problem solve any challenges.

Thanks to all our community partners who have supported this initiative.

Food & Friends at Home
would not have been possible without
the amazing support of our partners: