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Information for Donors

Ways to Support Adopt-A-Family

AAF TreeSign-up as a Donor and get matched with a local family(ies) or independent youth(s) and give the gift of hope and joy this holiday season! Once you receive your match(es), you will use the information we provide to shop!

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AAF Cash Donation IconYou can make a Cash Donation that we can pool together to buy gift cards in bulk along with other gift items! Buying gift cards in bulk is a win-win as we receive a charitable donation that we can use to help even more families!

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Family Type and What to Give 

When you receive your Adopt-A-Family match(es) check the Family Type to see if you are adopting a Primary Family (single parent, two parents, grandparents, guardians), or an Independent Youth. Below is what we are asking you to contribute based on the type(s) of family(ies). 


Primary Family Icon

Primary Family = single parents, two parents, grandparents, and guardians.
For the Child(ren): tangible Gift-List Items* – see below for more details. Suggested maximum value of $150 per/child.
For the Parent(s)/Guardian(s): One gift (approx. $25 value) for each parent/guardian.
Grocery-Needs Gift Card(s): Suggested value of $100/family.

Independent Youth Icon

Independent Youth = Defined as someone up to and including the age of 22 years old who is living on their own without family ties and with limited support and resources.
For the Youth: tangible Gift-List Items* – see below for more details. Suggested maximum value of $150/youth.
Grocery-Needs Gift Card(s): Suggested value of $100/youth.

*Gift-List Items: Families and Independent Youth are asked to provide us with up to three (3) “Gift List” items that they are wishing for this holiday season. Some may only request one or two wishes depending on the cost of the item.   

Common Questions about Adopt-A-Family

What is the Grocery-Needs gift card for? 
We ask donors to provide a $100 Grocery-Needs gift card to enable families to make their own choices when purchasing the groceries they need for special holiday meals and everyday essentials. Collaborating with Fusion Homes and other community donors, we amplify your generosity by providing an additional $100 grocery card for each family. Through this joint effort, each family gains increased food security alongside renewed hope and joy during the winter holiday season!

Do I need to get every item on the list?  
No, you are not necessarily expected to get every item on the list; we just want to provide you with options.   

Why do you suggest a maximum amount per child or youth?  
We encourage you to stay within the maximum amount so we can support as many families as possible. If you have additional funds, we welcome you to let us know so we can match you with another family/youth waiting for support.    AAF Gift Child

Are there items I should NOT provide?
Yes, please do not provide any of the following:  

  • Cash 
  • Prepaid Credit Cards 
  • Used Items 
  • Alcohol 
  • Food Items*  

*However, a few new, packaged, non-perishable treats like chocolates are okay! 

What if my budget is less than what is suggested above?
No problem! We could match you with a family and ask that you focus on the tangible gift items. Thanks to generous Cash Donors, we can purchase needed gift cards in bulk to help supplement.  


Optional Items   

Holiday Card Icon

Holiday Card or Note: We know encouraging words inspire hope far beyond the holiday season, so a card or note to the family you supported is always welcome!  

Can I put my name on the card?  
Yes, but it is optional. Reminder - first names only, please! Do not put your last name(s) or company/group name on the card.  

Wrapping Paper Icon

Can I provide wrapping paper?  
Yes – that would be super helpful! Just remember that all gifts should be brought to us new and unwrapped.  



Gift Delivery Info 

Drop-Off Date:
Your assigned drop-off date is listed on the family match page and in the email sent to you with your match. When you drop off, allow for a few minutes for us to greet you and accept your gifts. We are also happy to give you a tour of our “Santa’s Workshop”.   

Why do I have to drop off on a specific date?
To process over 1,500 families within four weeks, we have staggered the delivery dates for donors. Therefore, it is very important that your gifts arrive on or near the delivery date assigned. If your delivery is going to be more than three days late, please contact us by phone or email (see contact info below) to let us know.   

Can I Drop Off Sooner?
You are always welcome to drop off sooner than the assigned date, just make sure you check our hours of operation first.   

What if I need a later drop-off date?
Generally, this is okay, but the sooner we receive your items the better, as we need time to get them to the family. If you are going to be more than three days later, please kindly let us know. Please note, that the final day for donor drop-offs is December 5, 2023.   

When is the last day I can drop off?
This year, the final day for donor drop-offs is December 5, 2023. If you were matched earlier in the season, you will have an earlier drop-off date than this.    

Checklist Icon
Donor Checklist:
this helpful checklist will help you to ensure you know what you need to do every step of the way! 
Click here to view the donor checklist.



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Adopt-A-Family Site Location: Our Holiday Workshop is once again at 69 Huron St, Guelph, N1E 5L5, thanks to our friends at Wood Development!  

Need Directions? Click here for a map. 



We are officially open to the public for donor drop-offs beginning November 6, 2023.  

Want to drop off your gifts sooner? Prior to this date, please call ahead to ensure we are onsite.   

November 6 - December 5 – we are open Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.  

Extended Evening Hours – we are open until 7:00 p.m. on the following days: 
November 20 / November 22 / November 28 / November 30  

Extended Weekend Hours – we are open the following Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 
November 18 / November 25 / December 2 


Social Media & Privacy 

We love it when donors post on social media about their participation in the Adopt-A-Family Program! Please be sure to respect the privacy of your ‘adopted’ family and do not share the children’s names on social media.  

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You can tag us at: @ChildrensFdnGW