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Adopt-A-Family Program Overview for Families 

What is Adopt-A-Family?  AAF Polaroid

Our Adopt-A-Family Program (AAF) connects families who are unable to afford gifts or food over the holidays with community donors. Families are referred to the program by social-community agencies in Guelph and Wellington County.  

While Adopt-A-Family was originally a Christmas holiday program, it is open to families of all backgrounds and traditions to meet their needs and wishes. 

Who qualifies for this program?  

Participants must be:  

  1. Living primarily in Guelph or Wellington County.  
  2. A family unit that includes at least one child or youth. 
  3. In a situation, such as living below the low-income measurement, which will prevent them from being able to provide a holiday celebration.  
  4. Not already accessing another holiday support program.  
How do I get support?  

AAF Single Mother IconSocial-community workers identify the families they work with that need support during the holiday season and refer them to the program. If you are connected to an agency, please connect with them about potentially referring you to the program.   

A few examples of agencies we work with are: 

  • Family & Children’s Services 
  • Guelph Community Health Centre 
  • Canadian Mental Health Association 
  • Community Resource Centre (in the County)  
  • (Some) Guelph Neighborhood Groups in Guelph (Brant Ave, Parkwood Gardens, etc.) 
  • (Some) Schools in Guelph and Wellington County 
  • And more!  
What if I am not connected with a Community Agency?  

We do not accept referrals directly from families, but we may be able to get you connected with a social service organization if you are not already. Please reach out to us by phone at 519-826-9551 x 136 or by email at aaf@childrensfoundation.org.