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What to expect when you 'adopt' a family or youth

Family Type and What to Give: When you receive your Adopt-A-Family match(es) check the Family Type to see if you are adopting a Primary Family (single parent, two-parents, grandparents, guardians), or a Caregiver Family, or an Independent Youth. Below is what we are asking you to contribute based on the type(s) of family(ies).

  • Primary Family:
    • For the Child(ren): Gift card(s) for Needs (such as clothing) and tangible Gift Item(s) for Wishes (from a list of up to 3 gift suggestions the family will provide).  Approximate value of $200 per child, ideally split between Needs gift card(s) ($100) and Wish gift tangible items ($100)
    • For the Parent(s)/Guardian(s): One gift of approximately $25 in value per parent/guardian
    • Grocery gift card(s): $100 for families of 1-4 people and an additional $25 per person above four.

  • Caregiver Family: Defined as either the non-primary parent or grandparent(s) who will have their children/grandchildren at Christmas and cannot afford to provide a gift or holiday meal.
    • For the Child(ren): One Wish gift item of approximately $25 value.
    • For the Parent/Grandparent(s): One gift of approximately $25 in value per parent/grandparent
    • Grocery gift card(s): $100 regardless of size.

  • Independent Youth: Defined as someone up to and including the age of 21 years old who is living on their own without family ties and with limited support and resources.
    • For the Youth: Gift card(s) for Needs (such as clothing) and gift item(s) for Wishes (from a list of up to 3 gift suggestions the youth will provide).  Approximate value of $300 per youth, ideally split between Needs gift card(s) ($150) and Wish gift items ($150)
    • Grocery gift cards: $100 to provide the youth with enough food for the holidays as well as to help them with food security.

Needs: The Primary Family or Independent Youth information form you are given will include suggestions for the store(s) to purchase gift card(s) for the needs of the child or youth. You are not expected to get gift cards to all the stores suggested. Note: Caregiver families will not have Needs gift cards listed.

Wishes: Families and Independent Youth are asked to provide us with up to three (3) “Wishes”. Some may only request one or two wishes depending on the cost of the Wish. Note: We are asking Donors to provide one wish item for kids in a Caregiver family of approximate value of $25.

Holiday card: A card or note to your family is very welcome and encouraging words from you is a gift in itself. Please do not put your last name(s) or company/group name on the card - just first names will do.

All gifts should be new and unwrapped. Including wrapping paper is very helpful and it will be forwarded to your family if you choose to provide it.

Please do not provide:

  • Cash or prepaid credit cards
  • Alcohol or food items (a few non-perishable food treats like chocolates are okay)
  • Used Items

Social Media & Privacy: We love when donors post on social media about their participation in the Adopt-A-Family Program! Please be sure to respect the privacy of your ‘adopted’ family and do not share the children’s names on social media. You can tag us at: @ChildrensFdnGW

Organizing your gifts for drop-off:

  • No need to put labels on each individual item for the child(ren). Instead, you can place each child’s gifts together in their own bag(s) or container(s), labeled with the child’s first name and Family ID# on the outside. 
  • Gifts can be placed in small reusable containers (example: smaller bins or baskets, cloth bags, etc.) which are appreciated by the family, or simply brought in any disposable box or bag. Please mark your bags/containers with the Family ID #(s).
  • If providing gift exchange receipts for any reason, please label with the items.
  • If the gift cards (grocery or other) do not already have the value on them, please write the value on them.
  • If requesting a charitable tax receipt, please have your purchase receipts and tax form in a separate envelope.

Gift Delivery Information

  • Drop-Off Date: Your assigned drop-off date is listed on the family match page and in the email sent to you with your match. You are always welcome to drop off sooner than the assigned date. If you are going to be more than a few days later than your assigned date, please let us know. When you drop off, allow for a few minutes for us to greet you and accept your gifts. We are also happy to give you a tour of our “Santa’s Workshop”.
  • In order to process over 1,400 families within three-and-a-half weeks, we have staggered the delivery dates for donors and consequently it is very important that your gifts arrive on or near the delivery date assigned. If your delivery is going to be more than a few days late, please contact us by phone or email (see contact info below) to let us know.
  • Hours & Location: are available at: https://www.childrensfoundation.org/programs/adopt-a-family/contact-info-location-hours 

Forms for Charitable Tax Receipts: Forms for individual and group donors to fill out to receive a charitable tax receipt are available here.

Contact Information

Email: aaf@childrensfoundation.org  
Adopt-A-Family Phone: 519-826-9551 x 136 (or press 3)