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Givesome is Bringing Healthy Smoothies to Westwood

June 10, 2016


We are really excited about a local start up - Givesome which is helping people see the good they are are doing when they make a donation.

They recently donated $770 from one of their kick off events to do some good locally. We are excited to put this money to work next week to bring more fruits and vegetables into the diets of students at Westwood Public School. This school has a breakfast program that is accessed by 20-30 students a day. They provide a safe, non-judgemental environment for students to get the nutrition they need to learn. One of the things that can be challenging for our Food & Friends student nutrition programs is the cost of fruits and vegetables and introducing new fruits & veggies to students - what a better way to do that than by making Westwood Smoothie enabled! We will be purchasing a blender and some yummy fruits for Westwood to make smoothies for their breakfast program next week. And the best part is, they will be able to make smoothies for years to come with this blender. It will continue to provide important vitamins and nutrients for these students for years to come!

Stay tuned - we will be posting a video of smoothie day next week!