Breaking Cycles & Creating Hope

June 1, 2018

Breaking Cycles & Creating Hope

In 2017, we listened to your voice and the voice of our community. We heard you. We heard that it’s time to do more. Now, we are ready to focus on the ultimate goal: to build hope for lifelong change and break the cycle of poverty.
Based on your input, we created a plan for the next three years to take us toward that goal. We are focused and excited to be on a new mission.
Watch the video below for an overview of our plan, Breaking Cycles & Creating Hope.


We have already started on some of this work and would love to keep you posted on our progress. Watch for updates in the Beacon or contact Glenna Banda with any questions by replying to this email or calling me at 519-826-9551 ext.24.

Read the full Breaking Cycles & Creating Hope three-year plan.

Thank you for helping us refocus and build this plan to best serve the community's changing needs. We are grateful to have you in our corner.

Thank you to our friends at Pearl Street Communications for their guidance in developing Breaking Cycles & Creating Hope and Video Worx for telling our story in video.