Double Double Challenge

October 19, 2019



Double the fun, double the impact!

When you donate to the Double Double Challenge, you are doubling the positive impact on a child in your community.

That means that:

  • $500 becomes $1,000 [which would help a high school graduate continue their educational journey in post-secondary];
  • $200 donation becomes $400 [which would give a youth driver's education training]
  • $100 becomes $200 [which would send a kid to camp];
  • and your donation of $50 becomes $100 [which would feed 70 kids a healthy breakfast]!

Let's give the children in our community even more opportunities. With you on board, we know we can get there.

Every donation of $100 will receive two Double Double Challenge coffee mugs. We invite you to pass on a mug to a friend, co-worker, family member, or community member and challenge them to match your donation and double the impact!

A cup of coffee is a great starting point to talk about changing the lives of children, so we invite you to pick a time to come on by the Children’s Foundation office for a cup of coffee with one of our staff.

If you or your organization would like to discuss how you can be a Community Champion as a matching donor, please contact Emilie Mossman at or at (519)826-9551 ext. 29.