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Bright Future Builders are individual donors who are giving personally with an annual donation of $1,500 or more either through one gift or multiple gifts (including monthly donations).

$1,500 - $2,499


Kaitlin Balnar Pelkey and Matthew Pelkey

Kate Bowden

Maja Brajkovich

Fran Bulger

Michael and Ariana Christie

Leanne Claerbout

The Antonie-Coman Family

Janet and Bruce Conner

Tammy and Richard Cook

Deborah Crispin

Elysia DeLaurentis and Ernie Kalwa

Ralph Fenik

Tyler Goodwin

David Halls and Robin-Lee Norris

Bill and Donna Harrison

Jennifer Hornby

Karyn Kirkwood

Katharine Lammer

Andrew Lee

Michele and Will Mactaggart

Bretton Miller

Maria O'Drowsky

Anna Olchowecki

Trish Ottema

Kelly Pearson and Brian Willsie

Martina Power

Kelly Quesnel

Elizabeth Renfrew

Karen and Stephen Reynolds

Leonard Rice

Eric Roberts

Marilyn Rootham

Sky and Craig Sickles

Andrea and Sean Stafford

Melanie Teed-Murch

Marissa Teeter

Gino Tersigni

Rebecca Thompson

Danielle Thorson

Chris Valeriote

Jennifer and Daniel Waterston

$2,500 - $4,999


Angela Bell

Ashley Bresnahan

Dan Burnham

John Clemes 

 Kim and David Durst

Andrea and Jeff Groenewald

Julie Kirkwood

Jane Martin

Debbie Muller

 Cheryl Near

Jennifer and Jason O'Neil

Ryan and Stacey Pollard

Rachel Rebry - Dan Clayton Homes

Dan Scholz

Andria Suderman

$5,000 - $9,999


Linda Bream and David Major

Cynthia and David Copeland

Gail Dyson


Jim Estill - Danby Appliances

Eric Ouellette

Colleen Pinniger


Kristi Pollard and Chris Liguori

Julie and Robert Stein

John and Kim Tait

Partner Plus


R. Jason Ashdown - Skyline Group of Companies

Brock Chittim - Wellington Laboratories

Linda Dolman and Mike Weddel 

Alex and Susan Frasson

James Hutton - Hutton Forest Products

Trish and Dale McComb

Larry & Joy Pearson - LJ Pearson Foundation

Scott Pollard and Suzannah Patmios

Fred Promoli

Kendra and Michael Sarracini