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The seeds for Guelph Soccer were planted in the 1960's, at a time when youth soccer did not really exist in the area. Guelph Soccer had its modest beginnings in 1966 when forty young boys paid a mere $1 each to register, and were split into four teams of ten players. At that time, the club's executive didn’t think soccer was a game for girls and a proposal to form a girls' league was defeated. However, within two years there were enough girls interested and with the times a-changing, the vote passed to begin a girls' league.


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More than fifty years later, with over 5,000 players, Guelph Soccer is one of the largest sports organizations in the area offering programs for adults and children from 3-18 years of age. In addition to their house league (with 300 teams!), fundamental skill development programs, elite competitive programs, they also offer a parent-tot program, PD and summer camps, and an adapted soccer program for children with developmental challenges. 

With their motto, "to develop a stronger community one goal at a time", Guelph Soccer was a natural partner for the Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington Free to Play Program. By waiving registration fees for hundreds of children who have applied to play soccer, they have allowed our Free to Play Program the freedom to assist more families by allocating our funding to other recreational activities. Along with their funding support, their staff has been flexible and committed to creating a seamless and easy application and funding assistance process for families in Guelph. 

For being the visionary champion of children in our community, the Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington presented Guelph Soccer with the Community Champion Award in 2009. Their continued partnership with the Free to Play Program is a testament to their commitment to making sure all kids have an equal opportunity to play and have fun!


Alan Gould, Executive Director of Guelph Soccer, is presented with their Community Champion Award from CFGW Board Chair, Peter Barrow. (2009)


"I love soccer and being goalie. I am awesome at it!"  (5 year old)

"I always wanted to be in soccer when I was young, but we couldn't afford it." (12 year old)

"I enjoy going to her games and believe that it adds to our relationship."  (parent of 10 year old)


I like to run on grass