Thank You!                                                                            

Thank you to all the donors who have rallied together to support 1,114 families (and counting) in Guelph and Wellington County this Christmas.  It would not have been possible without your help! While we are wrapping up this season, we are still very appreciative to receive cash donations to off-set funds spent to ensure that every child receives gifts for the holidays and every family has the grocery cards they need to enjoy a healthy, holiday meal.  Cash donations also help to pay for "Santa's Supplies", because even Santa needs wrapping paper and garbage bags! 

Cash Donation Sunshine

CLICK HERE to donate securely online (select Adopt-A-Family on the drop-down menu for donation allocation). If you would prefer to make your donation in person, via mail or over the phone, please contact us at: The Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington - 87 Waterloo Ave - Guelph, ON - N1H 3H6.  Email:  or call 519-826-9551 ext 26


How You Can Help in 2017 

There are many ways you can provide support and hope for local families in the Guelph and Wellington County (Ontario) area during the Christmas season. Below is some information to help you decide what option(s) would be best for you. 

1. Adopting a Family or Independent Youth

When adopting a family, our expectations are that you provide:

  • A selection of items from each child's needs and wishes lists that are within your budget. Based on past experience with donors, we estimate the average spent per child is $150 in order to provide a selection of their needs and wishes. Note: this can vary depending on the age of the child.
  • A $25 grocery gift card per person in the family, if requested (i.e. $100 for a family of four).
  • A small, token gift for parent(s)/guardian(s) (approx. value $25 per). 

For example of the range: estimated average spent when adopting a single-parent with one child is $225 and a larger family such as a two-parent family with six children is $1,150

We define an Independent Youth as "someone up to and including the age of 20 years old who is living on their own without family ties and with limited support and resources."   We estimate, based on past experience, that the average spent when adopting an independent youth is approximately $300.

Please check back in October 2017 to sign-up to adopt a family or youth.


2. Purchasing Grocery and/or Gift Cards

Gift cards for groceries, drugstores, shopping malls, and department stores are in very high demand and are another great way to support the Adopt-A-Family program in an easy and convenient way.

gift card

CLICK HERE for more information about purchasing grocery and/or gift cards.

4. Purchasing a Special Item

This is a great option for donors with more modest budgets and/or less time to shop. These are much-needed and special gifts for a family, especially those with infants who need crucial things like car seats, high chairs, etc. You can view a price guideline for special items HERE.

Please check back in October 2017 to sign-up to purchase a special item.


5. Holding a Gift-Toy Drive

Businesses or community groups (e.g. church group) may be interested in holding a gift or toy drive, which helps us to stock our "Santa's Secret Shop" so we can make sure every child receives a good selection of their needs and wishes. A well-stocked store also means we can meet the urgent needs of last-minute referrals. We will work with you to determine what items are most needed.

toy drive

CLICK HERE for more information about holding a gift-toy drive.  NOTE: toys-gifts need to be delivered by Tuesday, December 13th as we are wrapping up the program. 


Donor FAQs

Your outstanding questions may be addressed in our FAQs.

CLICK HERE to see our FAQs.