The Oak Tree Project

The Children’s Foundation is competing in this year’s Oak Tree Project, a community-driven charity initiative hosted by the Mactaggart Family. They believe that when charities have strong roots beneath them, they are more resilient with the best infrastructure, people, tools and resources to do their work. This means charities have the strength to do more good for the community – today and for generations to come. 

Each year, the Oak Tree Project explores a different focus with participating charities, their supporters, and the community-at-large. Themes such as the arts and volunteerism have helped stimulate conversations and engagement about the role these subjects play in building community. The theme for Oak Tree 2017 is: Making Canada stronger by building communities where everyone can belong and thrive.

Local charities submit a proposal based on the theme and invite community members to "nominate" them. Charities will be short-listed based on the number and quality of the nominations they receive. The charity with the most votes at the end will win up to $5,000.

Can you help us Spread the Sunshine by Nominating the Children's Foundation?

                                                                                  Oak Tree Project

CLICK HERE to go to the Children's Foundation nomination page.

We need to collect as many nominations as possible, and appreciate your time in sharing why you feel we might deserve the $5,000 donation.

Not only does your nomination help us advance in the contest, but it's also a wonderful opportunity to collect heartfelt stories that we can share to futher inspire our donors, volunteers and supporters. If you have had a heartwarming experience with the Children’s Foundation, we'd love for you to tell your story - that counts as a vote!  If you don’t have a story, you can simply say “I vote for the Children’s Foundation”. 

There are already some submission on our nomination page as an example but we encourage you to be creative!  In addition to the number of nominations, the Oak Tree Project values the quality of the nominations - your words could be the deciding factor.

Thank you for your help as we strive to grow strong, secure roots through the Oak Tree Project.