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Food and Friends supports local children through student nutrition programs. Our mission is to initiate, facilitate and support quality, sustainable student nutrition programs.

We provide breakfast, lunch and snack programs for students in a supportive, nonjudgmental environment where they feel cared for and safe.

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Why Does Food and Friends Exist?


Many children go to school unprepared to learn. They have not had the right nourishment, which makes it difficult to focus. Numerous studies have shown that children who are hungry do not perform as well as others in school. Our programs help children reach their potential.

How We Make a Difference

  • Provide children with a positive start to the day
  • Improve their learning abilities
  • Decrease disruptive behaviours in the classroom
  • Encourage positive social skills
  • Teach children healthy eating habits


Program Partners

Our community partners include agencies, organizations and private sector companies who support us in our mission, principals, and beliefs.



Funded in part by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services

Administered regionally by the YMCA of Kitchener-Waterloo

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"If you don’t eat healthy you will feel hyper and then you will feel really bad. If you eat healthy you will get strong bones and will not be a weakling." Robert, grade 3 student.