About the Childrens Foundation

Our Vision

All children and youth have equal opportunity to learn, grow and participate in their community.

Our Mission

We help children and youth reach their full potential through programs that support their intellectual, emotional and physical well-being.

Building Brighter Futures

The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington is a local organization helping local families. Our programs work together to support the whole child by providing opportunities that ensure a solid foundation for success and well-being. Adopt-A-Family, Food & Friends, Free to Play and our Scholarships programs have helped thousands of children that are currently living in family situations that limit their ability to access to important childhood opportunities.

 More than 1,000 volunteers work with the Foundation in one way or another. To best serve our community, the CFGW works closely with social service agencies, local municipalities, school boards and other organizations.

 “You have no idea the impact your organization has had on me and my girls.  Without you my girls would never be able to have the amazing experiences they do -- I thank God for you, some help when my world is pretty lonely.  When they say it takes a village I agree and I thank you for being part of my village.” – Guelph Mom

 "We are so lucky to have The Children’s Foundation in our community. By helping our clients get involved in activities and sports through your Grants Program, you have helped to make a change in their lives. I have seen demonstrated changes in children and youth that have stopped responding to treatment turn around because you gave them the opportunity. I have had a youth return to taking his medication and another go back to school because you gave them the chance to take part in an activity." - Canadian Mental Health Association Worker

Unfortunately, there are thousands of children and youth are living in low-income families in Guelph and Wellington. Deciding between paying rent or registering your child for soccer is a reality for these parents. No matter what their family circumstance – whether it is job loss, divorce, illness or other factors, our focus is on the children. Each of these children deserves the right to learn, smile and be healthy.

As awareness grows the number of children accessing our programs also grows. Each year we are able to help a larger percentage of these children. Without your support, this would not be possible - these children would not receive Christmas gifts, have the chance to go to university, get to play hockey or even have the nutrition they need to learn at school.

Your support of The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington is an investment in the health and future of our community, an investment in brighter futures.

Charitable Registration

The Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington is a registered charity (Charitable Registration Number 140543430RR0001).

To view our most recent Charity Information Return (T3010) visit the our profile on the Canada Revenue Agency's website.